• Who Is The Other Woman?

    Metro’s Other Woman founder and 2014 recipient of the prestigious '40 under forty' award, Sarah Benken has always had a gift for meeting needs. As a young entrepreneur, she bore the brunt of task and time management from an early age—and soon realized no one person or company existed that could stop the ticking clock.

    Benken knew what she so desperately wanted and needed: her time. Work and home life kept getting busier, but there were never more than 24 hours in a day. Instead of despairing, Benken decided to build a solution: a one-stop shop that covers all the ins and outs of busy twenty-first century life….a solution that allows on-the-go people to just breathe. She dedicated herself to the idea personally and professionally, and in 2009 founded Metro’s Other Woman®, the first U.S.-based business of its kind.

    Metro’s Other Woman® works to diminish frenzy, calm chaos, and create a safe zone where companies and individuals can rest easy about all of the things that never go away, but seem to so often get in the way: the “time-sucks” in our personal and professional lives. Whatever the time-suck—home maintenance, personal organization, finding last-minute childcare—Metro’s Other Woman®’s answer would be the same: a simple “yes.”

    As Benken gained a foothold with her personal and professional schedules, so did a growing group of individuals and businesses happy to claim back their time. In 2012, Metro’s Other Woman® expanded from its initial hub in the Raleigh-Durham area and began working in Charlotte, North Carolina. Demand grew and grew, and Benken realized that this unique concept should be available to everyone.  Thus, she began working on her national expansion plan, which includes 25 new locations to open within five years and a total of 50 locations successfully operating by year 15.