Errands & more

Metro’s Other Woman® lends a hand to most needs.

Do you need one time assistance with running an errand, making a delivery, transportation to an appointment, booking reservations and travel, planning a special night out or putting on an estate sale? Yep - we've got you covered there too.

Errand Services

Have you have found yourself caught up with the day to day grind only to realize that your car inspection is due? Or, maybe you've got a medical/dental appointment with anesthesia and need someone to drive and get you home into bed.

Regardless of the errand or the need, the staff of Metro’s Other Woman® delivers.

Samples of Errand Services:

- Hospital flower delivery
- Grocery store or pharmacy pickup/drop off for someone with illness
- Vehicle Maintenance
- Transportation Services
- Pet Groomer Drop off/Pickup
- Elderly Checkup Service (for those that live out of town)


Estate Sales Help

Estate sales can be combined with an organization service or scheduled alone. Metro’s Other Woman® can plan, market and produce estate sales with just a few days of lead time. From pricing to posting signs and manning the table, we can do it all.  Pick a Saturday or Sunday and let's plan an Estate Sale! 


Other Services:

Just because it is not listed, doesn’t mean that we can’t accommodate it. Our services are virtually limitless.


Errands Service testimonials

  • Metro’s Other Woman® did a phenomenal job with our Estate Sale. I had no idea that we would make over $1500 in ONE DAY! Our coordinator helped me with pricing. She set up, put out signed and then hauled off what didn’t sale to charity. What a time saver!


  • We use Metro’s Other Woman® for errands. My mother-in-law is older and doesn’t drive, but she enjoys getting out of the house. SO – our personal assistant comes every Wednesday and takes my mother-in-law to get groceries, get her hair done, and wherever else she wants to go! Brilliant service!!