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Trying to run a small business but getting bogged down by all the paperwork? Striving for work-life balance, but feeling overwhelmed by all the little things ruining your productivity? Juggling so many things that the small stuff is starting to slip?

There is a solution—and she’s the girl you've always dreamed of.

Metro’s Other Woman® is an all-in-one service for savvy, forward-thinking individuals and business owners who are on-the-go, but wise enough to delegate and share the load. A fully licensed and bonded business and personal assisting firm, Metro’s Other Woman® understands your busy life. We offer an array of services that cover every last one of those demanding details that complicate your life.

Office organization? Party planning? Housekeeping? Errands? Laundry? Closet overhaul? Walking the dog? A little bit of everything?

Breathe. Take a load off. Metro’s Other Woman® has got you covered.