Laundry Services

Time is short and weekends are filled with other activities. Who has time to tend to the laundry?

Metro’s Other Woman® offers two options for tackling the chore that never seems to go away.

Full-Laundry Service:

The full-service option includes
wash/dry/fold/put away (and ironing, if desired)

With this service, your Metro's Other Woman® personal assistant gathers the dirty laundry from around the house and ‘poof’, it’s all neatly put away in drawers and closets.

(Of course, there is more to it than that, but we'd like for you to forget about the details)

Basic closet organization is included with this service.  What a great solution for a large family or an on-the-go professional.  

**During the time that the laundry is washing and drying, your personal assistant will spend time organizing and straightening up the rest of the house.

Put-Away Laundry Service:

The put-away service is an excellent option for the client that can't seem to get the laundry from the basket to the drawers.  If you are able to get the laundry washed and dried, but need someone to take care of the rest, this is the perfect solution.  Metro’s Other Woman® folds and puts away laundry and helps with the closet and drawer organizing. No more sifting through the basket of wrinkled clothes!

Dry cleaning Service:

We understand that not everything can go into the wash; therefore, we've added a dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up service. Now your assistant can handle all laundry, even the delicates!

Laundry Services are a common add-on to personal assisting. Either option can be performed in conjunction with other services or alone.

laundry service testimonials

  • I am very pleased, very happy!! ... I think this the beginning of a great business relationship. Thank you so much for doing such a good job with our laundry... I really liked what you guys did with the socks - attention to detail, fantastic. Everything was great!


  • With three kids and a husband I barely have time to breathe…much less tackle the piles of laundry! Metro’s Other Woman® takes care of this chore for me. Talk about giving you time back – how about 3 hours a week!?! Yes, please!