Organization services

Metro’s Other Woman® loves to organize! Whether it’s a closet, pantry, or an entire house, we specialize in providing low cost solutions that will create space and order in our client’s households. Need to purge? We've got you covered!

Metro’s Other Woman® organizers often service clients as Senior Personal Assistants and have experience in handling a variety of client’s needs within the realm of organization. Combined with our dedication to service and compassion, Metro's Other Woman® is the perfect solution to tackling any organizational need!

Metro’s Other Woman® offers several options for organizing.

Basic Organization:

Basic organization is referred to as reorganizing a space or series of items. Basic organization involves minimal purging. Additionally, storage systems are typically in place.

While there may be a small purchase for bins or containers, the cost for this type of organization service is mainly labor.

Examples of Basic Organization:

  • Freshening up linen closets
  • Color coordinating master closet
  • Putting items away
  • Designating a place for a series of items
  • Rearranging

Most projects consisting of basic organization are completed in one visit.


De-clutter Services:

Metro’s Other Woman® offers de-clutter services to clients in need of purging old/unused items. 

De-clutter services offer a two-step process:

    • 1. Purging/removing items from the space
  • 2. Organizing remaining items

What happens with the items purged from the client’s space?


      • Craigslist
      • Ebay
      • Consignment Stores
      • Yard Sales/Estate Sales

Donate/Throw Away

      • The client's preferred charity will be contacted to take unwanted items
      • If no preferred charity, Metro’s Other Woman® will use a partnering non-profit 
      • Metro’s Other Woman® will discard non-valuable items in client’s trashcan or remove from home
      • In some cases, a special trash pickup may be scheduled

Most de-cluttering projects are completed in multiple visits.


    • Clients are not expected to purchase systems for basic organization projects.
    • Clients are not required purge, unless they have a desire to do so.
    • We offer maintenance services to ensure changes are long-term and beneficial.
    • Organization projects can be as in depth or limiting as requested. Clients can reduce costs by doing some of the work themselves (i.e. – purging before staff arrives, completing homework before the appt.)

Organization Service testimonials

  • Where has a service like this been all my life? My life is so busy and I never seem to be able to attack my long list of projects to organize and de-clutter my much overflowing closets and rooms in my house. I can't believe how much clutter I was able to remove from my home after hiring your wonderful service team. I loved your service so much that I bought a gift certificate for Christmas for a good friend and the funny thing was she bought me a gift certificate also for your services so I'll be having you out again soon. Thanks for taking this worry off of my mind.


  • I have used the services of Metros Other Woman for over a year and could not suggest a better concierge service for busy, working moms! Sarah Benken, the owner, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my needs are being met as well as making sure that the assigned workers for me are the perfect match for my requirements. In this busy and hectic world that we live in, it is wonderful to have a service that handles the day to day operations of the home so that we can actually enjoy our families. Kudos to you, Metros Other Woman for helping me in more ways than I can say, and for helping me enhance my life!